IUPAT National Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

What are National Agreements?
Direct labor agreements with the national IUPAT that supersede the local collective bargaining agreement for a specific type of work.

To provide qualified and approved contractors with consistent competitive work rules that will allow employers to effectively bid work, service their clients and obtain and maintain a qualified workforce in multiple geographical jurisdictions.

What types of work are covered?
The IUPAT is willing to discuss national agreements for a wide variety of work and customers. The most frequently used national agreements are:

  • Bridge and Tunnel Agreement
  • Glaziers Architectural Metal and Glass Workers Agreement
  • Maintenance Repaint Project Agreement
  • Power Generating Facilities Agreement
  • Tank Agreement
  • Various Specialty Agreements

Key Provisions
The national agreements generally maintain the local economics, however they contain provisions covering hours of work, overtime, shift work, hiring practices, employee assignment and management’s right clauses that supersede those in the local agreement. Some of the advantages are:

  • Portability of manpower for the employee
  • Standardized hours of work
  • Standardized holidays
  • Standardized overtime provisions
  • Standardized work rules
  • Flexibility of apprenticeship ratios
  • Single source bonding
  • Signature to only the contractor’s home area agreement
  • A streamlined Grievance Procedure

Should you be interested in more information or to become signatory to an IUPAT national agreement, please be advised that all requests must be sent in writing to:
       James A. Williams
       International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
       General President
       7234 Parkway Drive
       Hanover, MD 21076

National Agreement Language
All IUPAT National Agreements contain core standard boilerplate language, plus specific addenda relating to the particular type of work. Addenda generally address the Scope of Work; Hiring Practices and Assignment of Employees; Hours of Work, Shift Work and Holidays; and Wages, Fringes and Subsistence and Working Conditions. Boilerplate language and specific addendums can be found at the following links. Remember, you must submit requests in writing as per the above instructions in order to discuss specific job site or customer terms, or to become signatory to any National Agreement.

For core IUPAT National Agreement Boilerplate Language, click here

List of National Agreements