National Market Recovery Agreements

To help members have the opportunity to get jobs that may otherwise go to non-union contractors and workers, FCA and the IUPAT negotiated a National Market Recovery Agreement (NMRA) available exclusively to FCA members.

Copy of the NMRA

Explicit written approval to use the agreement must by granted by FCA and the IUPAT. Contact FCA CEO,  for more information.

The NMRA may be used on projects which would otherwise go non-union assuming the terms and conditions contained in the local collective bargaining agreement are not sufficient for the contractor to otherwise obtain the work.

Highlights of the NMRA:

  • Free use of tools.
  • Elimination of travel time, work premium, and subsistence payments.
  • Competitive parameters for shift work.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Overtime pay limited to time and one-half.
  • Liberal use of apprentices.

For additional information about the FCA-IUPAT National Market Recovery Agreement, including specific instructions on how to obtain permission to use the Agreement, click here.