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FCA ProfitPlan Program for Member Companies

FCA Profit Plan Program for Member Companies 
"Compare to the Best Contractors" Self-Evaluation

In today’s challenging business environment a successful company needs to be highly focused throughout the organization on maximizing profits. Employees should be empowered to do their jobs, but they must also be held accountable for the results. This one-page self-evaluation checklist will let you compare your company to how the best companies perform at the highest level.

Check only what is fully implemented at your company. Please be 100% candid.

If only one to seven criteria for success are checked, you need to implement many “Best Business Practices” as soon as possible. If eight to 11 are checked, you need to further implement “Best Business Practices” in your company. If you checked 12 to 14, congratulations on implementing “Best Business Practices” that drive profitability; however, you may need to add a few more to match the best companies.

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