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CBA Directory

This page contains collective bargaining agreements FCA's associate partners shared with us. Have an agreement to add? Send it to fca@finishingcontractors.org!

DC 5 (Washington)

DC 9 (New York)

DC 21 (Delaware, Pennsylvania)

  • Master Trade Agreement (Associated Master Painters and Decorators Inc. of Philadelphia and Vicinity, Interior Finish Contractors Association of Delaware Valley, Architectural Glass and Metal Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity, P.D.C.A. of Northeast Pa., P.D.C.A. of Harrisburg, Keystone Contractors Association)
  • Industrial Painting Agreement (Delaware Valley Industrial Painting Alliance, Inc.)

DC 30 (Illinois)

DC 35 (Massachusetts)

  • Master Trade Agreement (Painting and Finishing Employers Association of New England, Glass Employers Association of New England)

DC 58 (Illinois, Missouri)

DC 81 (Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado)

DC 711 (New Jersey)

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