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Research and Reports (CLRC)

As FCA International comes across information and articles of interest related to important aspects of the collective bargaining process, we will make them available to our members here. Please browse what we have on file.

We encourage you to submit similar information to us to share with everyone. Email us with your submittal and we will post it.

CLRC Reports

The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) is the industry's most comprehensive source of construction labor cost and related information for use in better understanding and administering labor and its cost. Focusing on the union sector, CLRC data and analyses facilitate informed decision making. Information provided by CLRC is accurate, timely, objective and recognized and respected throughout the construction industry. FCA's CEO sits on the CLRC board, and FCA is one of the CLRC's 11 sponsoring management organizations.




Labor Management Reports

One of the top-of-mind questions for all unionized contractors is how to be competitive and to sustain and regain market share. Industry expert Mark Breslin, who has spent the bulk of his professional career representing union construction contractors, offers some approaches in the articles below. Breslin is a frequent speaker at the LMCI's Finishing Industries Forum; topics range from what's wrong with the current state of labor-management relations to what we all can do to put the industry back on track.


Special Reports

Mutual Gains (Interest-Based) Bargaining

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