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OSHA updated its Silica Standard in 2017, and FCA provides resources members need to become and maintain compliance.

Silica Packages (new!)

FCA developed comprehensive silica packages designed to provide contractors the guidance and resources needed to reach and remain compliance with OSHA's updated Silica Standard.

2020 Safety Call & Webinar Topics

  • January 28: Webinar 1: Annual Housekeeping: IIPs, e-reporting, and more

  • February 25: Leadership Series: Incident Investigations and How They Effect Culture

  • March 24: Leadership Series: Safety Leadership-It’s Never Just About Safety

  • April 28: Leadership Series: Employee Engagement-Creating Opportunities for Employee Driven Processes

  • May 26: Leadership Series: How to maintain the momentum. What’s next?

  • Jun 23: Webinar 2: Heat stress, fatigue, burn out

  • Jul 28: Webinar 3: Silica best practices

  • Aug 25: Webinar 4: The expansion of legal cannabis in the workplace

  • Sep 22: Monthly calls start back up

Watch for call announcements that will include dial-in information. If not on the monthly safety call distribution list, contact us at fca@finishingcontractors.org

Silica Resources

FCA Safety Webinars

FCA International's monthly safety webinars are all posted on FCA's YouTube page.

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