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FCA International represents more than 1,000 architectural glass & metal contractors. Nick Carrillo serves as FCA's architectural glass & metal liaison.

North American Contractor Certification (NACC) Program for Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors


The NACC program for Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors was developed by the FCA Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors community when they recognized a need in the end-user community for a tool to identify high-quality contractors. The program is ANSI-accredited and provides architectural glass & metal contractors with a tool to further distinguish themselves from their competition. The NACC program creates a baseline for competency, business practices and adherence to industry-accepted guidelines for architectural glass & metal contracotrs participating in the program.

Visit www.naccprogram.com to learn more about the certification!

GlassCon Global

GlassCon Global Logo

FCA's Architectural Glass & Metal community developed GlassCon Global to help drive innovation in glass technology. Hosted every other year, GlassCon was held in Boston from July 6-9, 2016. The event provided excellent educational and networking opportunities, and it fostered discussions that helped drive the industry forward. Click here to learn more about the 2016 conference.

GlassCon Global is hosted by FCA Conferences, LLC (FCA's event orgnazing entity) and administered by FCA. Its inaugural event was held in Philadelphina in July of 2014. Now with two successful events, GlassCon has developed a reputation as one of the glass industry's must-attend events. GlassCon Global will return in 2018 when the event is hosted in Chicago. Visit www.glassconglobal.com to learn more.

Visit www.glassconglobal.com to learn more!


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