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Painting & Wallcovering

FCA International represents more than 3,000 painting & wallcovering contractors. Bob Weaver serves as FCA's painting & wallcovering liaison.

Interior Systems Guide

The Interior Systems Guide is a culmination of years of collaboration between FCA's Painting & Wallcovering Contractors Advisory CommitteeDrywall Finishing Contractors Advisory Committee and other industry partners. It is the first guide that both addresses the applications of finishing of gypsum board, paint and wallcovering in one document and was created by a consensus group of representatives from the three industries. 

The Interior Systems Guide was developed to assist architects, designers, specification writers, contractors and owners to better understand the common strengths and weaknesses that are inherent within those materials and their application. Click on the guide's cover below to download the file!


Interior Systems Guide cover


IUPAT Painting & Wallcovering Recruitment Video

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