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Diamond Vogel Becomes FCA Supporting Partner

FCA International is pleased to announce Diamond Vogel has become an FCA Supporting Partner. As a supporting partner, Diamond Vogel will support FCA’s efforts in creating opportunities for its members. Diamond Vogel’s involvement with the FCA community will be valuable to all FCA members and the industry.

"We look forward to assisting all FCA members with their common mission of providing their customers with the highest quality craftsmanship," said Mark Vogel, Diamond Vogel Vice President of Business Development. "We love to interact and partner with true craftsmen, sharing our coating expertise and solutions, to ensure their customers are satisfied with the results."

Diamond Vogel believes partnering with industry organizations is an important element in fostering innovation and education within the coating field. The partnership with FCA provides Diamond Vogel another avenue to meet future challenges of the coating industry.

Diamond Vogel is the latest manufacturer to partner with FCA. Recognizing the fact that there is strength in numbers and different perspectives, FCA regularly partners with manufacturers to best represent FCA members and meet their needs.

Click here to download the full press release announcing this partnership.

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