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FCA International Elects 2 New Board Members and Reelects 5 Existing Members

As part of its continued efforts of fielding a diverse Board of Directors that represents contractors by trade and region, FCA elected two new board members and reelected five existing members to three-year terms. FCA thanks and congratulates our board members for their dedication to building a better future for our industry.

New Board Members

  • Brad Pinchot - Frank Nowak & Sons - Cleveland, OH
  • Tom Unsell - National Coating & Lining Company - Murrieta, CA

Reelected Board Members

  • Paul Buzzin - Protex Painting & Contracting, Inc. - Toronto, ON
  • Tom Clerkin - Ceilings, Inc. - Norristown, PA
  • Leon Fotakos - Marini Bros., Inc. - New Castle, DE
  • Todd Nugent - T.F. Nugent, Inc. - New York, NY

Updated Board Representation by Trade and Region

FCA International Board Representation by Trade

FCA International Board Representation by Region

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