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Two Leading Contractors Earn North American Contractor Certification


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Two Leading Contractors Earn North American Contractor Certification

Chicago -- Ajay Glass Company (based out of Canandaigua, NY) and Graboyes Commercial Window  Company (based out of Philadelphia) are the latest contractors to earn the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) for Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors. Ajay Glass Company was ranked ninth of the top 20 specialty firms in glass and curtain wall by ENR Magazine this year. Graboyes has over 30 years   of experience that it has utilized to become one of the greater Philadelphia market's leaders in architectural glass & metal. The NACC Program for Architectural Glass & Metal Contractors is awarded to those contractors who demonstrate consistency, quality and safety excellence.

"Ajay Glass Co. is proud to join the growing list of companies that have obtained this important accreditation in our industry. Obtaining certification from the NACC program made us review our overall process and our organization from top to bottom and identify areas of improvement," said Demetrious (Jim) Staphopoulos, Chief Executive Officer of Ajay Glass Company.

Graboyes' Chief Operating Officer John Scott is also proud to be an NACC contractor, stating: "For Graboyes, achieving the NACC certification was a great way to confirm and recognize the outstanding efforts and teamwork of our organization. Being certified by an independent party reinforces the quality and safety commitment we make to our customers."

Both Staphopoulos and Scott agreed that going through the NACC audit process helped strengthen, and will continue to strengthen, their companies. Staphopoulos specifically discussed how the certification's annual audit will help AJ Glass Co. continue focusing on process improvement, which in the end will result in a better product and better organization. Scott also pointed out that the audit process helped the Graboyes staff gain a better understanding of systems, yielding several opportunities for continued improvement.

Both believe that the certification process was worth the effort.

Ajay Glass Co. and Graboyes joins an ever-growing list of NACC-certified architectural glass & metal contractors, becoming the sixth and seventh companies to earn the certification since the program's certification sunrise on July 31 of this year. The other certified companies are: Eureka Metal & Glass  Services, Inc. (based out of Philadelphia); Ferguson Neudorf Glass Inc. (based out of Beamsville, ON); Massey Plate Glass & Aluminum Inc. (based out of Brandford, CT); Royal Glass Company, Inc. (based out of Santa Clara, CA); and Walters and Wolf Glass Company (based out of San Francisco). Additionally, nine other companies are currently undergoing the certification process.

About the North American Contractor Certification Program

The NACC Program is an ANSI-accredited certification that was developed by industry professionals and decision makers (such as architects, engineers, general contractors, etc.) who wanted a tool to identify the highest-quality companies in the architectural glass & metal industry. With Administrative Management Systems, Inc. (AMS) ( serving as the certification body, the program gained ANSI  accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065. Visit for more information.


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